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What are good Gen I movesets for this team?

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Going back to good-ol Pokemon Red, I plan on getting

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Well, I would suggest replacing eithe Starmie or Lapras, replacing Starmie for Alakazam, but I'll just give moveses on your Pokemon as they are.

Charizard: Fire Blast, Earthquake, Slash, Fire Spin

Starmie: Surf, Recover, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

Dragonite: Fly, Thunder Wave, Wrap, Hyper Beam

Machamp: Submission, Body Slam, Strength (Machamp doesn't have many other good move options, so I give him Strength for HM use), Rock Slide

Lapras: Body Slam, Reflect, Rest, Surf/Blizzard

Snorlax: Amnesia, Hyper Beam, Surf, Blizzard

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Actually, I think Charizard can only learn Fly from Yellow onwards, not in Red or Blue. Otherwise, I agree with trachy's movesets.
Good point, keep on forgetting that.
Who should I replace Lapras with?