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Where do you get the TM Ice beam in pokemon emerald?

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I have Walrein in my pokemon emerald and I want to teach it Ice Beam.

asked May 6, 2010 by Swampert
edited Jun 14, 2010 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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Ice beam, Go a bit south from slateport, and then head west. Keep going until you find a ship. Go on and you'll show up on the side. Go inside and follow the ladders and go in all the cabins and beat all the trainers. Not too later, there will be a cabin with a captain person with a white coat. Near him is the storage key, take it! Next go to the door that was locked, and go in with the key. It's in there.

answered May 6, 2010 by Blastoise
edited May 7, 2010 by Pokemaster
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You can also obtain an Ice Beam TM at the Game Corner in Mauville City.

answered Feb 27, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam