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Where do you get the TM Earthquake in Platinum?

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It seems usefull, but I have no idea where it is or if you can even get it...

asked Jun 17, 2010 by pokemonprincess1998
useful it is one of the most awesome moves ever!

3 Answers

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You can find TM 26(Earthquake) in Wayward Cave or you can purchase one at the Battle Frontier.

Here's a video where a guy shows you how to obtain it.

answered Jun 17, 2010 by Eric
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Deep in the wayward cave i would suggest a pokemon with flash go in to the entrance to the left or else you will be in the wrong one or the battle frontier for 80 bp

answered Jun 18, 2010 by Speed freak
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Go to Wayward Cave (look here: ) and at the very end you will find a small room with a pokeball with TM 26 Earthquake!

answered Oct 1, 2010 by Pokemon Master 9999