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What pokemon do I need to add to my team for ingame white?

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I am training

Servine(Duh) lvl.19

Herdier(he is useful) lvl.17

Timbour(The next gym is normal type)lvl.12

I have a panpour as well. I wanr to use these pokemon on the elite four I was considering leaveny for the dark and psychic ones. please include locations for pokemon

Edit: I now have a lvl.29 leaveny evo

asked Mar 13, 2011 by Speed freak
retagged Jan 9, 2013 by Pokemaster
How about: Accelegor, Simipour, Archeops (for Fly), Mienshao, Serperior, Cryogonal. This team fits your speedy stature, while also having Pokemon with Surf and Fly.

1 Answer

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First of all the normal gym has a Herdier (which is quite easy),
but it has a Watchdog (the evolved form of Patrat) which knows hypnosis so bring awakenings!
I would suggest getting your Servine to Lv.22
your Herdier to Lv.18
your Timbour to Lv.18

If you want more Pokemon get a Pidove(Male because when you finally evolve it to Unfezant Lv.32 the Female one looks so bad)
Or Blizle who has really good speed but bad defence.

answered Mar 13, 2011 by Szizormaster101