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Cheap Liligant- how beat?

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My friend has a liligant with the following moves
Sleep powder
Quiver Dance
Giga Drain
Aroma therapy
And he just spams sleep powder, puts my whole team asleep, and then spams Quiver Dance. then just giga drains each of my pkmn with 1 hit ko's.
tl;dr I need a way to beat liligant easily. is there any pkmn in black that has insomnia etc?

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Or simply input the 'Sleep Clause' (he's only allowed to put to sleep one of your Pokemon, same for you)

2 Answers

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Well you have many options for beating this lilligant.
1 hold a lum berry or chesto berry.
2 get a pokemon ex: braviary/emboar/leavany/ etc... to use a powerful (physical because he is useing quiver dance) attack to take it out before it can do anything or if it has already stat boosted or something.
3 get a pokemon like leavanny/scolipede/volcarona that has 4x resistance to grass, since grass is his only attacking move.

also you could get lucky and get a hit cause sleep powder isnt 100% accurate.

hope this helps you take out that flower looking/life sucking/stat crazed/bore-you-to-sleep demon. :)

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This can be extremely easy with pokemon that have the ability Insomia. Furthermore, a great pokemon that will 4 times resist Giga Drain like Crobat, which is very fast, or even with Ariados that can both resist sleep with Insomia both hit with super-effective STAB. Hope this helped!

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