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Need help improving my team! Please help!

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Ive been playing pokemon black for ages now and I would like to know how to improve it this is what my team is made off
Serperior Lvl 69
Energy ball
Leaf blade
Carracosta Lvl 67
Stone edge
Unfezant Lvl 68
Aerial ace
Quick Attack
Zebstrika Lvl 67
Wild Charge
Flame Charge
Vanilluxe Lvl 68
Ice beam
Flash cannon
Frost breath
Krookodile Lvl 69
stone edge
bulk up
I know unfezant knows too many flying moves and I wanna teach him steel wing and I would like a new moveset for Vanilluxe
please help I really need maybe better movesets and/or new pokemon thnx if you can answer!

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My friend says he will trade me an oshawott egg should I replace it with carracosta

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I think there's no need 2 same type moves in one pokemon. Like, Serperior has Leaf Storm and Energy Ball, and Carracosta has Surf and Waterfall. For Carracosta, throw Surf and keep Waterfall because it has great Attack stat...

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I don't think this helps all that much; but if you look at the pokemon list under 'pokemon' on the homepage, look for the pokemon that you want to research and their is more then enough info their to suit your needs. This website ROCKS!!!

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