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I need a dusk stone in pokemon white, but cannot find one, any help?

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I need a dusk stone to evolve lampent but can't find one. This is for pokemon WHITE version

asked Mar 26, 2011 by tankman1017

3 Answers

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On Route 10, a man near the northwestern corner of the map will give you one just for making it up there.

answered Mar 26, 2011 by LadySerperior
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If you need more than one you can always use repel and farm in caves you might just end up with a dusk stone .
One more in mistralton cave on 3F you will find one dusk stone.

answered Mar 28, 2011 by Unidentified
edited Mar 28, 2011 by Unidentified
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go to the same cave where you find cobalion, its in a pokeball near it.

answered Feb 25, 2012 by RandomDragon0412