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How to I get male Pokemon from breeding?

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I've bread to Unfezants about 7 times now & all I've got from it is female pigdoves. How do I get male ones?

asked Mar 29, 2011 by DivineDestroid

3 Answers

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Just keep breeding. Its like a 50/50 chance, you just have really bad luck.

answered Mar 29, 2011 by Josh
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If you really want a male egg I would suggest trying to make the male pokemon a higher level than the female. I tried it a few times and it's worked.

answered Mar 29, 2011 by excadrill444
This sounds possible but I'm not sure if it really changes your chances.  Can anyone confirm it?
Never done anything to help me
Maybe it's just luck, but I've done it three times and I got males all three times.