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What would make this team better?

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Hydreigon: Modest
Dragon Pulse

Chandelure: Modest
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Confuse Ray

Electross Modest
Acid Spray
Flash Cannon

Musharna: Bold
Light Screen
Calm Mind
Psyshock or Psychic?

Swamper: Adamant
Hammer Arm

Tauros : Adamant
Zen Headbutt

Any pointers??

asked Mar 31, 2011 by Josh
edited Mar 31, 2011 by Josh

2 Answers

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Well for Chandelure teach it energy ball to eliminate 3 weaknesses and then maybe confuse ray cos I hate this move when its used against me with swampert teach it a water move cos its type musharna will it depends what your up against psyshoch targets defense not special defense and psychic may lower your oppodents special defense your pick with electross(i think im spelling it wrong I hate spelling this) teach it a move that covers your other pokemons weakness and you pick with hydreigon if its got higher attack teach it crunch if special attack teach it surf also if your exploring pick surf hope this helps

answered Mar 31, 2011 by BlackHaxorus
My hydreigon is modest, so he has WAY more special attack
Well then your going to want surf
–1 vote

Hydreigon : Use surf instead.
Chadelure : Teach Inferno , and Energy Ball and hold Wide Lens
Eelektross : Nature Choose one which increases SP.ATTACK NOT attack :Moves: Thunderbolt , FlashCannon , Acrobatics , Acid Spray(Decrease opponent Sp.defence alot ) .
Musharna : Its a waste but if you still wanna use it then Psychic .

The rest is good.

answered Mar 31, 2011 by Unidentified