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How do you get beautifly in pokemon emerald?

1 vote

I know you use wurmple but I always get dustox.

asked Mar 31, 2011 by Duskull

3 Answers

2 votes

Some wurmples turn in to silcoon, and some turn into cascoon. cascoon evolves into dustox. silcoon evolves into beautifly. its a 50/50 chance if your going to get a silcoon or cascoon

answered Mar 31, 2011 by Josh
2 votes

Beautifly. Go to the petalburg woods and walk around until you see a silcoon. then use an exp. share and level it up to lvl 10.

answered Apr 1, 2011 by acoll1023
1 vote

You may meet Silcoon at Petalburg Woods (10%)

answered Mar 31, 2011 by DarthDestiny