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Does anyone know when the shiny legendary dogs event will be for the United States?

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I want to know so that I can get Zoroark on Black & White. I missed the Celebi event because they ran the commercials late.

asked Apr 5, 2011 by Pokedrake12

2 Answers

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I hate to break it to you, but you missed them too. :( You can always get a Zoroark thorough the GTS negotiations, but you might have to pay a hefty price.

answered Apr 5, 2011 by 14mal02
edited Apr 5, 2011 by 14mal02
Crud. What was the deadline for them?
Never mind I looked through the post on the home page and found it. Again, the idiots who run the tv stations didn't run any commercials for them.
 So how hefty of a price are we talking here?
It depends on the trainer, but you would most likely get a Zorua much easier, but if you want to skip the Zorua and go straight to a powerful Zoroark you will probably need either a shiny pokemon or a really high level pokemon. I'm talking levels in between 80-100. But with Zorua, you could probably get away with a semi-rare pokemon at level 50 or so, since people can breed Zoroarks to get multiple Zoruas. Also, I would stop relying on T.V. networks to give you information on upcoming events. I know of a website that is VERY reliable. Here's a link: :D
Okay thanks. Now I just need to find someone willing to trade and pokemon players are pretty rare where I live. Other than me, I know of four others players and two of them have/are giving up on pokemon. Between all of us though, I was the first to get the games because my dad special ordered them for me as birthday gifts. (yes I said games)
Do you have Wi-Fi? If you do, use the GTS trade or GTS trade negotiations to get Pokemon you don't have. Since you haven't seen Zoroark, you will have to use Negotiations. In my experience, people throw up Zoroarks fairly often because they know there are people that are  in your situation.
I have to go up to my public library to use the wi-fi but its okay. One of my fellow pokemon players around here knows some newbie kids that just started the series on this gen  Since their newbies they don't know how valuable some pokemon are.
I traded a level 70 mamoswine for a level 67 zoroark! ^_^
I don't really care what level Zorua or Zoroark is if I manage to find someone to trade with for it. What bugs me is that one of the retiring players in know was the one that I got some of my better pokemon on Pearl and Platinum from. Some how he was able to get to the events for them and even managed to get two, one of which he would trade to me for a pokemon he didn't have. He was the one that I got pokemon like Arceus, Shaymin, and Darkrai (among others) from.
Since he's retiring, maybe he'll let you get all of his really good pokemon considering he has no need for them now.
I doubt that.
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Yup.You missed it.

answered Apr 10, 2011 by I'mawesome2237