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Any help for the team I'm deciding?

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Look. I'm not sure about these pokemon.

Gothitelle or Reuniclus
Haxorus or Hydreigon
Accelgor or Ecavalier
Klingklang or Chandelure
Cofagrigus or Scrafty
Throh or Sawk

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Throh instead of sawk

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Alright my turn.
Reuniclus Modest@Whatever you want
Trait:Magic Guard


       -Focus Blast
       -Shadow Ball

Haxorus Adamant@Leftovers
Trait:Mold Breaker
Role:Physical Sweeper


        Dragon Dance
        Dragon Claw
        Brick Break

Accelgor Modest@Whatever you want
Trait:Sticky Hold
Role:Special sweeper


          -Bug Buzz
          -Guard Split
          - Venoshock

Chandelure overKling klang. As for a good moveset you can find one Here

Time for a physical person!!!

As Sasmang said COnkelldurr would be better then throh and sawk.
Conkelldurr Adamant@Whatever you want.
Role:Physical Sweeper

-Bulk up
-Stone edge
-Poison jab(just for extra coverage

And i suggest for your last pokemon you use Bisharp.Your team needs his typing.
Bisharp Adamant @Leftovers
Role:Physical Tank

-Swords dance
-Psycho Cut(For coverage)
-Iron Head
-Sucker Punch

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Okay, instead of doing the whole, " Will edit later " Thing, why don't you just type it up in notepad or something, and then copy paste it when its finished?
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Goitelle,hydreidyon ecaviler, klingklang, confagirus, sawk

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