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Good white team?

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Serperior; item: big root
Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance
Reuniclus; item: expert belt
Psychic, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Thunder
ninetales; item: flame plate
flamethrower,energy ball,extrasensory, nasty plot
Dragonite; item: quck claw
outrage,thunderbolt,stone edge, fly
milotic; item: leftovers
ice beam,hydro pump, surf, recover
weavile; item: rocky helmet
ice shard, night slash, brick break, swords dance
all level 81
and thinking of replacing weavile with glaceon

asked Apr 17, 2011 by Mark Johnson
retagged Jan 9, 2013 by Pokemaster
What are your glaceon's moves?
I don't have a glaceon yet.. I will get it when I befriend it from the dream world :P
but it will be this:
ability: ice body
moves: hail, blizzard, shadow ball, and idk yet (mirror coat, hidden power?)

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Hmm... A little far from perfect.

Serperior: Miracle Seed ( His only attacking move is grass so.. )
Leaf Blade ( STAB )
Swords Dance / Coil ( Power Up )
Reflect ( He's Fast its good for setting up )
Light Screen ( Reflects best friend! Same purpose )

Reuniclus : Shell Bell ( HP!!! yaaaay )
Psyshock ( People aren't expecting physical damage :D STAB
Focus Blast ( Coverage )
Calm Mind ( Power Up
Recover ( Lets get more HP! )

Note: I know the reuniclus set isn't amazing, but really Alakazam is a much better choice.

Ninetails is fine.

Dragonite : Life Orb
Dragon Claw / Outrage ( STAB )
Dragon Dance ( Power Up )
Brick Break ( Covers Ice )
Earthquake ( General Coverage ) OR Fly ( More STAB )

Milotic : Leftovers
Aqua Ring ( With leftovers compliments.. )
Protect ( Stall for aqua ring & leftovers boost, and.. )
Toxic ( With Protect you can stall out alot of your opponents life, while getting yours back with aqua ring and leftovers )
Surf ( STAB )

Weavile : Rocky Helmet is fine
Night Slash ( STAB )
Ice Shard ( STAB )
Swords Dance ( Power Up )
Ariel Ace ( Never Misses, and its good agaisn't fighting which is 4x super effective agaisn't weavile.

Hope this helped :D

answered Apr 17, 2011 by Josh