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Fix this team?

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Galvantula volt switch
item ??? thunder...stab+counpound eyes
bug buzz...stab
seismitoad drain punch health+poison touch
item hydro pump...stab
water gem earthquake...stab
poison jab...coverage
ferrothorn curse...stat boost+gyroball boost
item toxic...powerfull
rockyhelmet gyro ball...stab
power whip...stab
umbreon wish...heal teamate
item stored power...powerfull
leftovers work up...three times and you cant lose
baton pass..those stat boosts to someone else
garchomp stone edge...coverage
item dragon rush...stab
wide lens earthquake...stab
sandstorm...evasion boost
charizard bellydrum ...atk boost
item rest...heal after belly drum
chesto berry flare blitz...stab
wing attack...stab

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Need two have only 5gen people and no two of the same item help

2 Answers

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I think this is a pretty good team
it does not need fixing

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umm i have a seismitoad with swift swim and and the nature that increases sp.attack and lower attack and the attack moves would be - rain dance to take away other weather conditions and double my speed and hydro pump good with water gem and sludge bomb to maybe poison walls, 30% chance and earth power for stab or you can use life orb or focus sash ! you should try it, im not saying urs is bad but this one is pretty good !

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that nature would be modest.