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Does my future team need fixing and how?

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Please help in any way you can!

Holds:Miracle Seees or Big Root
  Giga Drain
  Leaf Blade

 Focus Blast
 Fire Blast

 Holds:Some belt or something
 Focus Blast
 Hammer Arm
 Stone Edge



Holds:Sharp Beak
Aerial Ace


Sorry if this is of any inconvenience to you but I really need help.
Please include hms needed to beat the game.

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To be honest, im am vey disappointed in your choice of moves.............sorry.^^'

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Serperior : Ability: Contrary
@ Big Root
Giga Drain (STAB , New Power and PP )
Leaf Blade (STAB , Physical and amazing power )
Hidden Power (Rock) -Eliminate bug , Flying and Ice !!
Leaf Storm (Amazing with contrary )

Darmanitan : Adamant Nature and ability Sheer Force
Darmanitan has 140 Base attack and 30 base sp attack so it would be pointless to teach it fire blast and focus blast .
@Life Orb (If you use attack with sheer force activation then powered you with 66 % and no damage from life orb.
Fire Punch (97.5 power with sheer force)
Rock Slide (Power 97.5 , sheer force )
Thrash ( Awesome Power , 120 )
Brick Break ( Break those Screens , eliminate rock )

If darmanitan ZEN Mode

Belly drum (Attack maxed and zen mode activated )
Psychic (STAB)
FlameThrower (STAB)
Hidden Power-Grass (Eliminate most disadvantages)

Im sorry im changing the remaining of your team because I want to make it awesome and you dint already get them so it is not late to change it .

@ Sitrus Berry (When defeatist gets activated and your stats are halved this will regain some hp and most probably get back your stats )

Ancient Power (Boost all Stats ) -eliminate ice .
Acroatics (Power 110 after sitrus berry consumed)
Fly (DUDGE THE MOVE and hm )
EarthQuake (Eliminate rock,Steel,Electric disadvantages)

Zoroark : (You wont believe how much helpful it is to beat the elite four I used only him and beat it)

Night Daze (Signature move , amazing powerSTAB)
Areial Ace (Covers both the disadvantages bug and fight)
Nasty Plot (BOOST sp.attack)
Focus Blast (Variety)

Eelektross : Dont let the low speed bother you cause you know it has NO disadvantage with LEVITATE .
ThunderBolt (If sp.Ev Trained )
I recommend thunderbolt cause no recoil and better power and eelektross has decent sp.attack so ev train it at celestial tower .
Flash Cannon (You need atleast one steel move , Good power)
Acid Spray (Doent just lower the targets sp.defence greatly but also deals a little damage?
FlameThrower (Variation)

Wild Charge ( STAB only Hope)
Coil (Increase Power)
Rock Slide
Dragon Claw

Haxorus / Lucario / Hydreigon (AMZING POKEMON)

Haxorus : Full on DRAGON
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide

Lucario :
Aura Sphere (STAB , Infinite accuracy)
Flash Cannon (STAB)
Psychic (Coverage)
Extreemespeed (Finish off a target with little hp left before it annoyingly beats you or explodes )

Hydreigon : Pseudo Legandary
Dragon Pulse (STAB)
Dark Pulse (STAB)
Flamethrower(Eliminate ice and bug disadvantage)
Acrobatics (110 power with no item and eliminate fighting)

PHEW* took alot of time!!

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Zoroark is AMAZING and ill use these even thought it aint my team
Could try replacing one move for Serperior with Frenzy Leaf if you like that kind of power over reliability
Frenzy plant - Im sorry but it isnt worth the waste of a turn after this is used .
Leaf Storm can almost do the same damage and increase the sp.attack by 2 stages when used with contrary ability .
Leaf Blade - Atleast require one Physical move that has decent pp for in game .
Giga Drain- Lots of healing with big root .
Hidden Power- His hidden power is rock and it eliminates lots of weaknesses .

So, I wouldnt replace any move .