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Is this a good variety team?

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Seismitoad-swift swim (wide lens)
Focus blast
Rain dance
Muddy water

Galgantula-compound eyes (zap plate)
Energy ball
Bug buzz

Beartic-snow cloak (ice plate)
Icicle crash
Brick break

Darmanitan-zen mode (flame plate)
Hammer arm
Fire punch
Psychic (for zen mode)
Flamethrower (for zen mode)

Ferrothorn-thorns (rocky helmet)
Gyro ball
Power whip
Iron head

Jellicent-hex (water plate)
Hydro pump
Shadow ball

asked May 11, 2011 by Pkmn gamer

3 Answers

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Best answer

Replace earthquake with earth power
replace thunder bolt with volt switch
switch dive for brine
ingrain for stealth rock
and shadow ball for hex+surf for toxic/willowisp
hope I help most of these guys are on my team :D

answered May 11, 2011 by blaziken
2 votes

I agree with blaziken however you shouldnt replace ingrain.

answered May 12, 2011 by cressray
1 vote

That guy is wrong. You have a good team going on.

answered May 11, 2011 by Soul