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Help with my last pokemon?

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Ok so far my team is based on powerful high def pokemon that are really slow. but the team is trick room team so it's more of a sweeper team, so far I have emboar, beartic, jellicent, conkeldurr and galvantula(for when trick room is over this guy is extremely fast sweeper) but I'm debating between vanilluxe and ferrothorn for the last place. Now vanilluxe goes perfect with beartic wen using hail sinc both have effects that help them through hail and vanilluxe is good in every field but speed, yet it's not that slow. But ferrothorn is really slow VERY high def and has the perfect move pool for it! Please tell me which one I should choose!?

asked May 14, 2011 by Pkmn gamer
By the way , which of them will be using trick room ??

2 Answers

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I say choose ferrothorn because of what you have said , its a trick room team and you don't even have a grass pokemon so yea ferrothorn would be a better choice !!

answered May 14, 2011 by Unidentified
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Ferrothorn, but even if you choose either one, you are at risk of encountering a Fire type Pokemon which can take 3 of your Pokemon down. I would suggest getting something else that is very slow like Eviolite Rhydon or Swampert. they are slow and very Defensive. a moveset for both would be:

Stone Edge
Ice Punch
Fire Punch

Ice Punch

answered May 14, 2011 by Psychic x