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Can a move that can't miss hit a Pokemon using Shadow Force, Dive, Fly, Bounce, or Dig?

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No, it won't work because the opponent is not visible in Battle and even if the move says it won't miss, it will miss. There are certain moves that will hit Pokemon using those moves exept for Shadow Force, nothing can hit that. Those moves are:

Fly-Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Sky Uppercut/Twister/Hurricane

Bounce-Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Sky Uppercut/Twister/Hurricane



EDIT:No Guard hit them as well no matter what the opponent uses.

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I think gust can hit pokemon in air too oh and so can sky uppercut. If you use perish song or future sight before they do any thing it will still hit them
on dive surf and i think waterfall could hit them and on dig magnitude also works.don't forget no guard.although i am not sure about foresight and odor sleuth
I do believe that Smack Down and Hurricane also hit flying opponents.
thx PB10 im having nightmares now because of your metagross gravitar! :P
Additional note: In Generation I, Swift and Bide will always hit.
Lol, I'm sorry Alex647 XD
thunder hits pokemon in the air
When Pokemon are flying, you can also hit them with Thunder. ~
t-bolt can hit flying foes too, you know.
dont forget about surf on dive