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Where and how can I get in to the underground path in platinum?

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Everyone talks about underground path, and I don't even know where is it and how can I get in? Thats would be very help!

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It's easy just find a open area(not inside a building)
and use the key item Explorer Kit.

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Undergorund Path is in Kanto, between routes 5-6 and 7-8. In HG/SS, the one between 7-8 is closed (I don't know if it is closed in both IV and II gen)

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Thank, but I asked about platinum, not heart gold!
So, what the fuction of explorer kit? and guy with glasses in a house in eterna city who gives me explorer kits, was talking about the underground path! so, are you sure 100% there is no underground path in platinum?
It's called (Sinnoh) Underground, not Underground Path;P