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What is the point of Gyarados having a flying type?

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It cant learn any flying type moves and it only makes it weaker...

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I guess it protects against ground type moves
It learns bounce.

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Well the reason why Gyarados is a water/flying is because originally they planned to make Gyarados a water/dragon but the problem was that he would only have 1 weakness (dragon) and at the time of the 1st generation there was only 1 dragon move(Dragon Rage). because they wanted to balance Gyarados they changed it into water/flying

Hopes this explains why Gyarados is water/flying.

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That seems............................................pretty logical, nice job, good answer, I didnt know that:)
Huh that makes sense. yeah, I've always wondered seemed a little ridiculous, that just makes it extra weak to electic
i think they should,ve left him as a water type.
and i don't even know ow it flies...
it flies like a chinese dragon
also it would be worse as JUST water by the way
I think they should've just kept it as water type until second gen and then changed him to water/dragon.
honestly they could've just made it water dark like the mega version...