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Is there a easy way to know or change a pokemon's gender before it hatches?

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I'm having trouble getting a girl Eevee. I got one of them from other people and I know the chance is low of getting one, but realy. I had ten Eevee eggs and every one was a boy. If there is a easier way I NEED to know.

asked Jun 30, 2011 by landertw123

2 Answers

2 votes as you can see eevee has 12.5 % to be female
the pokemon you want has a % of gender rate and catch rate
clicking on the pokemon you want in the dex will tell you whats the % of it being male or female
1 there is no way to increase the gender of a hatched
2 clicking on the dex helps the catch and gender rate
3 there are some pokemon that have abilities that help to find an eevee DP or whatever pokemon you want

your welcome ':)

answered Jun 30, 2011 by Sh!nyFlygon
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In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, if you hatch an egg in Floramora town (Spelling error) it will always be Female. It worked for me :)

answered Jul 2, 2011 by BryanLG
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