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is this a good wifi team

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Moves:Mean look,Baton Pass,Work Up,Substitue

Item:Focus Slash
Moves:Sludge Bomb,X-Scissor,Air Slash,Toxic

Item:Mystic Water
Moves:Hydro Cannon,Aqua Tail,Iron Defense,Ice Beam

Item:Life Orb
Moves:Close Combat,Earthquake,Megahorn,Shadow Claw

Item:Silver Powder
Moves:Silver Wind,Bug Buzz,Heat Wave,Quiver Dance

Item:Rocky Helmet
Moves:Spikes,Air Cutter,Steel Wing,Arieal Ace

asked Jul 8, 2011 by Aura Warrior
edited Jul 8, 2011 by Aura Warrior
why was i voted down i dint break any rules
all RMTs aka rate my teams must have all the natures, abilities, items and evs if known.
and this isn't very clear either, it's dencent tough, but as i said you need the things above.
btw i didn't vote this down and have no intencsions to do so.
Must include EV's and Natures and if you don't know your EV's you must include your stats
is this better
yeah it is but it's too unclear
How can i fix it
You forgot Defence on Umbreon...

2 Answers

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umbreon-replace mean look for payback you dont want to be hit by taunt and have to struggle.
crobat-replace toxic for hypnosis you have to breed for it he needs more bulk if you want to use toxic.
blastoise-hydro cannon may be powerfull but wasting a turn will get him defeated maybe mirror coat. instead since your useing iron defence.
volcrona-never trained one cant say much for it.
skarmory-replace air cutter or ariel ace for whirlwind to take advantage of stealth rock.

answered Jul 8, 2011 by blaziken
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for umbreon i would reccomend moonlight curse payback and protect or baton pass from recents experince u always need atleast one attack move !! for crobat this is my favorite set i have one and it works wonders, brave bird, protect , confuse ray and u-turn ! since skarmory is a wall you would need roost ! heracross is good, blastoise idk i dont really like its moves if ur gonna get a water type as an attacker get a faster one ! and volcarona use quiver dance fireblast bug buzz and anything else thats not a bug or fire attack !

answered Jul 21, 2011 by Wishmaker
Wishmaker, please don't answer questions that have already been answered correctly. I am not referring to this one, but to the other questions you have answered.