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There's an item on a ledge on the west side of icirrus city, how do I get up there?

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asked Jul 9, 2011 by Mouse

3 Answers

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In the winter months, snow will cover the city. You will be able to go and obtain the item during this time.

answered Jul 9, 2011 by trachy
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In Winter, Iccirus City gets cloacked with snow, thus allowing accses to area you would not be able to accses in the previous seasons. If your game's season is not winter right now, the seasons change every month, so you can end up waiting 3 moths to 1 month (Or Weeks :p)

So in Winter (To answer the question), the side of the cliff fills with snow, and you will be able to accses this area, and many more.

answered Jul 9, 2011 by ƒιzz
If you can't wait till winter, just change your calender in the game to a winter month.
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In winter, there is heaps of snow piled up. During this time you can reach it.

answered Jul 9, 2011 by Dead Vistor