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Is Dragon Pulse necessary on Kyurem?

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I had a previous question about Ice moves on my Kyurem and decide to put Ice Beam. But should I still put Dragon Pulse on it since Ice Beam is super-effective on most (or all, I'm not sure) OU Dragon types?

asked Jul 27, 2011 by RB2Ryan
edited Jul 27, 2011 by Pokemaster

1 Answer

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Ah, but it isn't super-effective against Kyurem. And besides, it is there for the neutral hits, for Pokemon that resist Ice Beam.

answered Jul 27, 2011 by trachy
Good point :D Thank you!
Actually, Ice doesn't resist Ice, but with Ice Beam's 90 power and 100 accuracy with a (rare) freezing status compared to Dragon Pulse's 85 power, 100 accuracy but no added effects, Ice Beam would normally be the best way to go. But with more Pokémon resisting Ice than Dragon it's not really certain which is best.