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How do you start your game over in SoulSilver and HeartGold?

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In my SoulSilver i started over my game, but i couldn't save it. Is there a way to start it over?

asked Aug 2, 2011 by Shaishai8

2 Answers

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Why yes there is.

It is different than the older games, rather than just starting a New Game and overwriting your old game, you must first input a certain button combination to delete your old data before creating new data.

The combination to reset your data and delete it is in the title screen, than follow the following commands:
" Up, SELECT, and B simultaneously".

You will also want to reset your Pokewalker to make it compatible with your new game.
To do so, first go to "Connect to Pokewalker" in the Main Menu.*
From there, follow the steps:
- Hold DOWN and X, than press L.

*If you have deleted your Saved game and did not reset your Pokewalker, go to "Connect to Pokewalker".
From there, press "Go for a Stroll" first, than enter the above commands.

Taken directly from the booklet. Good luck! ~

answered Aug 2, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
Nice answer, you got my vote :)
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Yes, in the start up screen(picture with Lugia in it), hold the Up, L, B, and Select button to delete your Saved data and start the game over.

answered Aug 2, 2011 by &Shining Yin
Ok thanks, so you have to do it on the lugia thing thats what i wasn't doing i was doing it on my game thanks (and yours is a bit more simple for me).