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How to download pokemon games into computer

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i already had some versions of pokemon,but it is hard to play i ds cause its hard to connect to wi-fi or to receive mystery gifts,i don't know how to install and i want to know a good webside to download pokemon emulator

asked Aug 6, 2011 by Pokemontrainer
edited Aug 16, 2011 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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blame truth uses desmume, so id have a try at this site:

answered Aug 6, 2011 by Saz
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I want to let you know, that first off this IS illegal, So you could easily go to jail for it.

Go here for the Desmume Emulator, and Go here to get the actual game,

The emulator will run the game, and you download roms from and you play the roms on your computer by running them through the emulator.

answered Aug 6, 2011 by Josh