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How can I get a Emboar with Curse & Superpower?

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So the title is self explanatory. I want an Emboar with Curse and Superpower. Can anyone tell me what pokemon I need to accomplish this?

asked Sep 22, 2011 by Kiryu5009

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First off I feel it right to tell you that, that is an awful move combo and that Hammer arm is a much better choice than Super-power in this case but I will tell you how anyway. Emboar being in the feild egg group is capable of having any egg move on him easily because of a little thing called Smeargle

  1. have Smeargle(Must be male) sketch Curse then relearn Sketch(from the move re-learner) then Sketch Super-power this is easiest done in a double battle.
  2. Then get a Female Emboar(you can breed a male with ditto until you get a female if you do not have one)
  3. then you put them both in the day care and wait for an egg.

When you get the egg hatch it by walk/run/biking around and when it hatches it should know both of those moves. go to this link for other Pokemon that can breed those two moves on it. I just find Smeargle easier.

answered Sep 22, 2011 by Speed freak
selected Aug 20, 2013 by trachy
couldent say it better then speed freak :)
Thanks :)