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Is it possible to get a level 9 Zekrom, Reshiram, Tornadus, Thunderus, Landorous, Virizion or Terrakion?

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etc. meaning cobalion, terrakion, virizion reshiram zekrom, kyurem, tornadus, landorus, thunderus
i bet u asked this because everybody in gts wants a lv.1-9 zekrom or reshiram

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No, it is currently not possible to have a level 9 Zekrom, Reshiram, tornadus, ect. unless you hack. They have not given out a legendary pokemon lower than level 20(I think) except for Arceus which was an event for Japan. And looking at the tags, no you can't breed them either.

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thanks for the answer, because people on gts are wanting for example, level 9 emboar  and, that, there, is stupid
Yeah, it's possibly because of people wanting to show off their pokemon.
What idiots, mocking me with a shiny Munna wanting a Zekrom lvl. 9, not to mention shiny zekrom....
Really I once heard of a thing on HG & SS where you get a lvl 1 Dialga, Palkia or Giritina with its special orb
that was an event where you brought in an event arceus to the ruins of alph.
and why did they even add the option to trade such impossibilities? it really annoys me.
Because they *could* release a low level legendary in the future.
This is something which really pisses me off a lot. I wish people weren't so irritating!
In the first Victini event, it was level 15
There was a Regigigas available for Platinum at level 1...
Plus the Keldeo and Genesect events are both level 15...
And so was the Liberty Garden Victini...
Appearantly is also going to be level 15...
Should I continue?
OMG people on GTS want a say lopunny for a lv 9 zekrom or so is it coz they just want to show of their pokemon or they dont want it traded?
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no it is not unless you have a action replay

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You can a level 5 tornadus,thunderus, and landerous, if you Dream radar and cacth them at lvl 5 if you have no bagdes in black/white2 which you can trade to black/white. The only way to trade is to take T-Landerous to Abundent Shrine and you'll get a mirror that changes tornadus,thunderus, and landerous' form.

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