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Where is Eevee Location in black and white?

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asked Nov 29, 2011 by M.Fauzan

3 Answers

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Eevee might not be in black and white... They have not found a eevee in black and white here on Check out the page I have listed, and eevee is not found in black and white.

answered Nov 29, 2011 by Rio
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aside from the dw there isnt a gen 5 location for eevee

answered Nov 30, 2011 by gio1991
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Eevee doesn't have a location in black and white but when you bet the game you can go the route 15 and go to the poke'transfer, so if you have eevee on platinum, diamond, pearl, heart gold, or soul silver, you can transfer to your black or white, but you need another ds, hoped this helped

answered Dec 18, 2011 by tigerjay