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Yet ANOTHER Action Replay Question!

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Okay,I got Action Replay,and so far nothing bad has happened, I have not hatched or found any "BAD EGGS".
I know that bad things could happen any time,but I was wondering where I could find codes for Action Replay.

Also,where can I find codes for getting TMs on Pokemon White?

asked Dec 27, 2011 by PokeGirl
There are codes for White? Hmmm......I might just cheat to get battle subway items/tms........

2 Answers

0 votes is a website for AR codes the specific page for that is pearl you will have to look around the site for B/W codes

answered Dec 27, 2011 by Aura Warrior
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link text
this website has all Tms and Hms

answered Dec 28, 2011 by Pooka