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Whats wrong with my AR

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I use my platinum for my codes so if it does get messed up thats my only game but the problem is that now the AR wont work on platinum. ill explain more

When i had my DSI i would use the AR to get codes for TMs and Pokemon i needed on HG.But then i stop and my AR was sitting on top of my VCR/DVD player for about three months. Then i got my 3DS for christmas and used my AR on my DSI one last time then havent touched it until yesterday. But when i went to use my old DSI my niece had made it to where the top screen had no image, so i used my brothers 3DS and the AR didnt work at all. I didnt get any of the codes and yes i activated the codes read the directions to activate them and kept trying.

So my real question is: Is my AR not working becuase im using a different ds or is it just broken?

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You can't ask this.
We don't have a rule banning questions about AR. However, I'm not sure this question is really answerable...
Are you saying that you put the AR you were using in your DSi in your 3DS? It won't work if you do that, tested. And it still worked when I put the AR in the DSi again.
i didnt put it in my 3ds only two different DSI

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An AR works on any ds except for 3DS(i think...),so your AR might be the one that's broken because I had the same problem just like you. I had to buy another one that day. (HOPE THIS HELPS) :)

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I have one for my 3DS