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Where can I find a complete list of Wonder codes for Mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

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Is there a site that contains them? I have looked and I can not find one. If there not one, can you give me the codes for the Link-cable and Tm Ice-beam?

asked Jan 25, 2012 by Speed freak

1 Answer

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You can find wonder codes at IGN and other websites.Here is the code for TM- Ice beam:8QQX2+C%0-&#QR%%S0H8N1=%PRCC90-=6F.Here is the code for the link cable:PH5K&PX18@=S6Y52KTFHKKQ+%NN-@4322T. (HOPE THIS HELPS!!!) :)

answered Jan 25, 2012 by Darktyperuler1
Can you give me a link? Also do you know the one for electrizer(I forgot that Electabuzz needed that instead of link cable).