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what pokemon do you breed with to get stealth rock on bastiodon?

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asked Feb 16, 2012 by conan-edogawa

2 Answers

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The Pokemon that can breed with Bastiodon to get Stealth Rock are: The Tyranitar family and the Aggron family. You can also teach it to a male Bastiodon in Gen IV, transfer it then breed. The Pokemon that can breed with Bastiodon that can know Stealth-rock by Gen IV TM that have not been mentioned yet are: Nidoking, the Marowak family, the Rhyperior family, Marshstomp and Swampert(not mudkip though), the Torterra family, the Rampardos family, and the Garchomp family.

Note: The only way to get Tyranitar and Aggron with Stealth-rock is to breed them with a Pokemon that has learned Stealth-rock through Gen IV TM or have it TMed to themselves.

answered Feb 16, 2012 by Speed freak
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U can use a bastiodon from gen 4 that learned Stealth Rock via TM.

answered Feb 16, 2012 by gio1991