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Are there any pokemon that meet these requirements?

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Can have the ability Clear Body
Can learn the move Baton Pass
Can learn some kind of boosting move.
Has decent enough defenses.

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I'm afraid no Pokemon have them requirements so can you edit a substitute instead please like differant ability

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There's no Pokemon with Clear Body and Baton Pass, so the chain stops there anyway.

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How about you try a Gliscor? Even though it doesnt have clear body it has hyper cutter(only prevents attack drop but most pokemon dont try lowering your other stats anyway. I mean no pokemon will try using fake tears to lower the targets special defense. And intimidate is the most common so Hyper cutter is good enough). It also can learn baton pass, agility, swords dance, and has good defense and is known as a good physical wall.

Mawile is also decent with hyper cutter. It can learn stockpile,iron defense,swords dance, and even magnet rise to baton pass. Its defense is a little low but its steel typing makes up for that.

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