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when you evolve a pokemon and you want it to stop and never evolve.....

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i have a pokemon that i never want to evolve and keep pressing b but everytime it levels up it tries to evolve, how do i stop it for good

asked Mar 27, 2012 by dsipkmfreak

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You can give it the item Everstone, and if you specify that game you are on I can tell you where you can find one.

The everstone make sit so that every level up it will not try to evolve.

answered Mar 27, 2012 by Saz
selected Jul 3, 2012 by dsipkmfreak
game white
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You can give the Pokemon and everstone. It will never try to evolve as long as it is holding one. You can also just keep pressing B after every time it tries to evolve if you don't have access to an everstone.

answered Mar 28, 2012 by Danny
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i know a quicker way...
while it is evolving press the B button and then it will say are you shure you want to stop youre poke from evolving?


answered Apr 1, 2012 by roseradefan
but i tried that and evry time it levels up it tries to evolve