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Action Replay allows for editing with PokéGen?

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I'm not sure i understand the question..
Can you please further explain what PokeGen means?
@Riles: I think he means that wheter you can edit Pokegen pokemon using AR
@Enoch: pokegen is a program that allows you to have any pokemon with any legitimate moves, items, ablities, and EVs
Thanks Pwnyta.

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Im sure it could. There are enough codes out there for everything. Im not sure as to though there are codes for specific IV's ie. 27 30 14 6 20, or anything specific like PID like Pokegen can do, but im sure with a little creativity you can make your own codes.

If you really want to you could probably code yourself, but AR isn't really meant to full blown edit every single thing on a pokemon.

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Okay, thanks.