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Why can Charizard only know Fly in Pokemon Yellow but in Pokemon Blue/Red Charizard can't learn Fly?

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I was checking Charizard's learnset and it says it can only know Fly in Pokemon Yellow. This if for Generation I. Why can't Charizard learn Fly in Pokemon Blue/Red but in Pokemon Yellow it can?

asked Apr 27, 2012 by Spark Pichu

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Charizard was unable to learn Fly through HM02 in Red and Blue. This was changed starting with Yellow, making it possible to still get a Charizard with Fly in the original games by trading one from a later version.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Charizard

Maybe it was just a mistake on their part. I mean, Red & Blue were their FIRST games. They were bound to make mistakes or simple overlooks.

answered Apr 27, 2012 by 5th of November
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