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Catching rayquaza in white

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I dunno if i hacked but i found rayquaza where kyurem was suppost to be how is that pssible when i just walked in there without and action reaplay?

asked May 5, 2012 by roseradefan

1 Answer

3 votes

That's definetly not normal, it was probably a glitch.

  • It was a glitch, just try again
  • It was a hack (probably not, since you don't have an Action Replay)
  • It was an used game, and the player before you used Action Replay
  • You didn't take good care of your game
  • It was an used game, and the user before you didn't take good care of it

Hope This Helped :D

answered May 5, 2012 by Dr.Flame
O_o look at all those causes of a rayquaza.
I know right lol