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Is there anyway to make Darmantian's Zen-Mode Form permanent for a battle??

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With it's low speed and high SpAtk, It could make a good Trick Room abuser.

However this could only work if I can somehow keep it in Zen Mode, even if it had more than 50% health.

So is this in anyway possible??

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Nope, sorry it is NOT possible.

When Darmanitan's HP drops to below half, it will change into its Zen Mode at the end of the turn. If it loses its Ability, or recovers HP to above half while in its Zen Mode, it will change back to its Standard Mode. This Ability only works on Darmanitan, even if it is copied by Role Play, Entrainment, or Trace, or swapped with Skill Swap. -Bulbepedia

Sorry :(
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teach substitute and use it at 50-75% health
then it'll turn into zen mode and still have a substitute to block
this way, you'll have maximum of 75% of your hp with zen mode, which can't be OHKO unless using attacks like tail slap or bullet seed

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Darmanitan CANNOT learn Substitute...
Ok. Sorry about that. Forgot that was even a TM. How do you know this will work??
hmm... then I think using subtitute 2 times is better...
since it's hard for darmanitan to have 50-75% health when it is hit
So i use Substitute to get down to 50% and i go into Zen Mode??
yeah... and you can use some physical, status, or stat raising moves between them if subtitute doesn't fade away
Then that does not answer my question. I mean i reach 50% HP, i go into Zen Mode and then i can recover my health and still stay in Zen Mode.
No, that won't work...
if you restore your health to above 50% again, it will turn back to standard mode
So your method DOES NOT work.
but if you count the substitute, you'll have total of 75%hp, still in zen mode
so it does kanda work
So you are saying Substitute is Zen Mode??
u know, not all of them have the ability zen mode, so if u cant change into zen mode after 50 % hp depleted thats proboly the reason