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A Pokemon that fits these requirements

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A pokemon that can learn,
block and leech seed OR
block and Ingrain and Baton Pass,
apart from Smeargle, hes my plan B! So if there is no other pokemon suggestions for smeargle regarding nature, items, other moves!

asked May 26, 2012 by J DOG DE LEGEND
Why did you not use this??

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Tangrowth is a Pokemon that can learn Block and Leech Seed, Block being learned at Level 57 and Leech Seed being learned by breeding a female Tangela/Tangrowth with a male Pokemon like Grotle, Cherubi, Servine, Roserade, or Whimsicott. (Those being just a few of the possibilities.) Tangrowth can also learn Ingrain, but sadly not Baton Pass.

answered May 26, 2012 by ShadowBuizel