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How do I type lower case letters on my action replay?

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I am going to start using an action replay, but I don't know how to type lower case letters. It only gives me the option of using upper case letters.

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I'm pretty sure you don't need lower case letters. They were just to lazy to turn cap lock on. So don't worry about it, just type normally if you need to use an Action Replay; though it is looked down upon.
^yeh it doesn't matter i use AR
Thanks! I just wanted to make sure because I don't want my game to be destroyed! But in most codes there are lower case and upper case letters. I'm guessing this is fine too, right?
Yes it is.
Great! Thank you for your help! :D
No problem :D

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Okay, if you see a code in Lower Case letters, its the same thing as Upper Case. Its just that the people didn't bother typing the code in with all Caps instead of lowercase. (To answer you're comment above), the difference in Caps and lowercase is nothing. Use the Letters and Numbers normally.

Don't worry about it and type in the codes normally.
Though, Action Replay is not recommended and I suggest you don't use it cause it will mess up and "destroy" your game.

Hope this helps! ;D

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I've never seen my game mess up. The AR itself usually breaks after about 6 months of use for me. However, it freezes a bit more often for me....     ._.
Yes this helps a lot! Thank you!
there is nothing wrong with AR, but people just say that... i have had mine for 3 years