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What pokemon have shells?

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As in appearance.
Yes oshawott counts, as well as crustle.

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Shelmet, Escavalier, *Oshawott, *Squirtle, Torkoal, *Shellder, *Anorith, *Turtwig, *Tirtouga, *Dwebble, *Omanyte, *Kabuto, Clamperl, Magcargo, *Krabby, Lapras, *Corphish, Slowbro, Slowking, *Exeggute, Shuckle.

Asterisk = and evolutions

Let me know if I miss any.

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No prob Riley :)
Dewott, Samurott, Carracosta, Shuckle, Maybe Solosis family, Do pokemon covered in rock counts?(like golem and rhyhorn family)
Cubone, Marowak(is it a bone or a skin?), exeggcute, Exeggutor(it is a shell?), Omanyte family, Kabuto family...
wait, can you define the word, shell? I almost wrote scyther cuz of its exoskeleton. U mean shell like sea shell? or a shield?
you missed cloyster!!!!!!!!!!
You missed the asterisk I put there, obviously. -_-