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What does "Revenge Killer" & "Phazer" mean?

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  1. What does "Revenge Killer" mean? I have seen it been used on the site but I don´t know what it means.

  2. What does "Phazer" mean? I have seen it only a few times but I´m not sure what it means.

I have seen this two terms quite often on the battle subway section.

asked Jun 27, 2012 by SuperSerperior
edited Jul 5, 2012 by 5th of November

1 Answer

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  1. A fast pokemon that can cause the opposing Pokemon to faint if your previous Pokemon git KO'ed by the opposing Pokemon
    Example: Scarfed Magmortar

2.Pokemon that use moves to nullify Stat changes.
Example: Ninjask with Haze

answered Jun 27, 2012 by Danny
selected Jun 27, 2012 by SuperSerperior
Thank you!
I thought Phazer were Pokes with Dragon Tail, Roar & such. Isn't what you said called a Hazer??
Its fine is sort of right, seen as phazing is used not only to abuse hazards but to play witht he foe and nuffle stat changes and subs though up is more correct haze is more support.