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How can I get a friend code?

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Okay on black I have connection but when I try anywhere in the house on soulsilver i get nothing. Even right next to the router. I really want a friend code. How can I get onto the wi-fi?

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In HG/SS you need a connection without password(Open one) To connect in the wi-fi Features.

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I still don't get how I can get onto the wi-fi.
Do you have a Normal DS or a DSi?
a normal ds
no wait on the bottom it says Nitendo DS lite
Oh, then you need to go on settings
Then, look for a connection that does not need a password to connect to it and you connect.
i cant find how to get there
There is definetely a Problem. And i cannot help cause because your DS is in another country.

And it is even worse because i have a DSI XL so you can try again or ask someone to help you.
okay thanks. =)
oh.. did you mean the settings on the game.. not the ds?
Settings on the DS.
oh then I don't know how to get there.