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How long do swarms last and what pokemon appear for what routes in a swarm?

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Pokemon swarms last one day. Also, in Black and White, if you soft-reset, there will be a different swarm.

Paras - Route 11

Mankey - Route 15

Farfetch'd - Route 1

Doduo - Route 12

Exeggcute - Route 18

Sentret - Route 7

Yanma - Route 14

Pineco - Route 16

Smeargle - Route 5

Tyrogue - Route 10

Poochyena - Route 9

Minun - Route 6

Illumise - Route 3

Shuppet - Route 13

Wynaut - Route 2

Hippopotas - Route 4

Croagunk - Route 8


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you didn't answer my whole question...
notice the "what pokemon appear for what routes..."
that was already asked
but if you want.....
i dont understand? how did you know that he was asking for black and white routes?
The tag, it is wrote Black and White.
you can soft rest for diamond pearl and platinum swarms too
hg and ss as well?
Caught every swarm Pokemon in the game :)
I went to route nine and found Houndour. :P
It's cuz Poochyena is exclusive to white