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Does Action Replay work on all types of DS? (Dsi, Ds Lite, 3Ds)

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Yes. There are different types.

Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite

  • Action Replay MAX DUO (March 2005)
  • Action Replay DS (July 2006) [Last firmware v1.71, games released later are not compatible]
  • NDS Trainer Toolkit (February 2007) [available only online] Toolkit Manual

  • Action Replay DS Media Edition (September 2008) [available only online]

  • Action Replay DS EZ (February 2009)

Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS

  • Action Replay DSi (October 2009); Later software updates to the DSi included anti-piracy and anti-hacking software that will disable the console when an Action Replay is used, thus rendering the Action Replay useless for those that have been updated.

  • Action Replay 3DS (2012); Does not actully work on 3DS games only DS games when used on the 3DS.

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Wait, when it says "disable", does it mean turn off the game or keep the DS from working?
It detects the Action Replay effect and disables the console when used. So, the console will be unplayable until the effect is removed.
Do you know when in 2012?