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What is a good moveset for Froslass?

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I really need to make up lost ground. Mine holds the Sticky Barb (should I replace it for Toxic Orb, I don't want toxic poison on MY Froslass.) It knows:

Trick: You get Sticky Barb, I get Leftovers most of the time. You take damage, I now recover damage. Funny how it usually works out.

Destiny Bond: I won't die again without taking someone with me! How does a Ghost type get defeated anyways? It's already dead.

Shadow Ball: Good power, high accuracy, STAB, decent chance to lower Sp. Def, used to deal with Ghost types.

Ice Beam: Obvious reasons. In addition to Earthquake, I am no longer going to give reasons for STAB Ice Beam.

Froslass learnset

asked Aug 3, 2010 by trachy
edited Jul 1, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
I'm going to be off for maybe ten minutes. I'm going to check the new additions to the sites of Swampert and DT. Might I suggest Magneton for Lorelie and Gengar for Bruno? Magneton also has Steel type advantage (or resistance to Ice in this case for Generation 3.) Gengar with Giga Drain and Psychic can make short work of Bruno. Lapras is good for Lance. I think it can learn Thunder/bolt for Gyrados.
I do have magneton and gengar, glad I'm not the only one who thought it up!

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Since you have destiny bond, I would keep the sticky barb, destiny bond really loses its charm when you're poisoned, because your opponent will keep stalling and let the poison faint you instead of attacking. The toxic orb would destroy it if you can't get rid of it soon. This is essentially what I was going to say. You could also use pain split or block for further annoyance, but the type coverage is more important.

answered Aug 3, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
Number 2!! Congrats!! Now only Pokemaster is in your way.
I wonder what would happen though? I'll probably get negative 10000 points.
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Gen V

Froslass (F) @ Focus Sash

Trait: Snow Cloak

EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)

  • Destiny Bond
  • Spikes
  • Taunt
  • Ice Beam
answered May 18, 2011 by trachy
edited Jul 9, 2011 by trachy
Can you post a more.... agressive moveset please? :3
seriously dr_clock, you don't have to use a full team of OverUsed dragons with draco meteor and outrage in your team you know...
You could run into some problems considering how common taunt is, but it's still a pretty good moveset. don't give clock too much trouble though. Froslass can still take advantage of some sweeping things, everyone has their own approach.
i wasn't really referring to froslass, but it seems clock only wants offensive sweepers.
@Hex: 150 base stat would be awesome but I am not really a fan of dragons. Also I dislike the moves Draco Meteor and Outrage, Dragon Pulse and Dragon Claw are awesome enough.
Let's see... the weakest attack base stat in my team is 70. On a planned linoone. With belly drum. Then 90 I think (I'm not counting the special sweepers).
Never mind. I just sometimes think low base power or very unoffensive movesets are a bit of a waste.
Exactly what I use. Upvote.
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Hail abuser

Blizzard:STAB. Perfect accuracy in the hail.

Thunderbolt:Deals with water types that try to get resistance on blizzard.

Taunt:Forces opponent into attacking. Most guys will think Froslass is an easy kill and probably won't switch out.

Destiny Bond:Works well if your opponent doesn't suspect anything from taunt.

answered Jul 8, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
then you should teach it hail.. so it will work well for blizzard and its ability
Hardly anyone uses the weather triggering moves because they're a waste of a slot. When you use weather teams, you'd use a weather pokemon to passively trigger whatever you need. In this case, it's understood that you use Abomasnow.
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Froslass # Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly (^Speed -Sp Atk)
Ability: Cursed Body / Snow Cloak
~ 252 Speed EVs / 252 Atk EVs / 6 HP EVs

  • Destiny Bond

  • Endure

  • Ice Shard

  • Confuse Ray

I guess you could say this moveset is very similar to the others, but I focus on a bit more different things. The main idea of this set is to annoy your opponent like crazy. Ice Shard is there as your only attack, which is a nice priority move for any last second situations, or for finishing off foes. the main idea is Confuse Ray, Endure, and Destiny Bond. Put up confusion to maybe force a switch, or just annoy them; than continue to spam Ice Shard until you are starting to take a good amount of damage, where you can use Endure, and if you are faster the next turn, Destiny Bond! Than BAM, you got yourself a kill.

- 10.22.2011 03:46

answered Oct 22, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
Great moveset! But(theres always a but) keep in mind that while you may get a kill with destiny bond, you also lose a valuble safe-switcher(A pokemon that can switch in to counter a normal or fighting type move)and/or sweeper
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The Queen (Froslass) (F) @ Leftovers

Trait: Snow Cloak

EVs: 252 Def / 252 SDef / 4 Spd

Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)

  • Substitute
  • Pain Split
  • Spikes
  • Confuse Ray / Shadow Ball

Substitute breaks down your health, and protects you from status.
Pain Split does hard damage to your foe, and recovers your lost hp.
Spikes is for hazard setting, I use Frosslass on a team where I already have a Toxic Spikes setter and a Stealth Rocks setter, so yeah.
Confuse Ray is optional, but Shadow Ball is best for finishing off opponents, and for Taunt :/

answered Dec 4, 2011 by Josh
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Froslass ( ♀ ) w/ Petaya Berry
Timid Nature ( Speed + 10%, Attack - 10% )
Evs [ 252 Sp Atk, 252 Spd, 4 Hp ]
Important stats: Special Attack: 259 - Speed: 350

------------------ Shadow Ball
------------------ Thunderbolt
------------------ Substitute
------------------ Pain Split

answered Dec 15, 2011 by Josh
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Great set but......................


Timid, Evs: 252 speed, 252 S.attack, 4 hp

Shadow ball(STAB)

Ice beam(STAB)

Thunderbolt(Very very distructive)

Trick(The heart and soul of your strategy)


Jolly, Evs: 252 speed, 252 attack, 4 hp

Sucker punch(Your only defense against Gengar and Alakazam)

Ice punch(STAB)

Hail/Return(Activates ability/Amazing power)

Trick(Again the major point of your strategy)

answered Feb 23, 2011 by Speed freak
Why does everyone use Specs or Band when Tricking? Trick using a Choice Scarf, that way the opponent gets no boost to their attacking power.
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Froslass (F) @ Focus Sash

Trait: Cursed Body

EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)

  • Ice Beam
  • Thunderbolt
  • Psychic
  • Destiny Bond

All right starting off with Ice Beam for some fresh STAB, Thunderbolt gives coverage against annoying bulky waters, Psychic also gives coverage against a few types, Fighting types often carries stone edge too so yeah.
Destiny Bond works well with Timid max speed and the focus sash wich those annoying entry hazards break... so yeah might be a good idea to switch in if you see way too annoying hazards coming.

answered Sep 3, 2011 by Hex
edited Sep 3, 2011 by Hex
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Frost Queen(Froslass)(F)@Life Orb
Ability:Snow Cloak
Evs:252 sp atk/252 spd/4 hp
Moves:Blizzard/Ice beam
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power(Fighting)

answered Apr 26, 2012 by A Very Nice Guy
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Froslass@life orb or focus sash
EV's : 252speed/252sp.att./4hp.
ability: cursed body
ice beam
shadow ball
psychic/signal beam

answered Feb 8, 2013 by Extremespeed
edited Feb 22, 2013 by Extremespeed
3 moves?
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Froslass (F-duh)@Focus Sash
Timid Nature(+Spe,-Atk)
EV's: 252Spe,252Hp,4SpA

~Thunder Wave
~Ice Beam
~Destiny Bond

Works great on a stall team or a para-abuse team. High speed allows for set-up of spikes while T-wave cuts speed and may incapacitate the opponent allowing you to put up more spikes. Destiny Bond then takes the foe down with you after support duties have been fulfilled.

answered Feb 20, 2013 by Graphic Mist
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Froslass is one of my favourites and this is my favourite moveset for it:

blizzard: stab, I prefer it to ice beam
hail: now blizzard's accuracy is as good as ice beam, abilitys have to be used too
shadow ball: stab
destiny bond: you aren't like the Glalie who can use sheer cold so thats your 1 hit KO attack so treasure it

answered Apr 6, 2013 by Tinberz
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Gen V
Destiny Bond
Pain Split
Shadow Ball
Timid Nature (+Speed,-Atk)

answered Jul 18, 2013 by roary
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Froslass #478
*Legends in snowy regions say that a woman who was lost on an icy mountain was reborn as Froslass. (Alpha Sapphire)

Such a tragic story. Coincidentally, there are Pokemon that appear to doomed travellers, like Articuno. Is it possible that these maidens met the Legendary Bird only to be frozen by it? shivers Ghost types...

Froslass/ Modest (+SpAtk/- Atk) or Timid (+Speed/ -Atk) / Cursed Body
240 Speed/ 240SpAtk/ 20 SpDef/ 8 Hp
Item: Focus Sash

Captivate/ Frost Breath/ Pain Split/ Destiny Bond

One of Froslass' greatest asset is it's Speed. It can outspeed most Pokemon, especially with Speed investment. This particular set would make a great Doubles Froslass. Paired with Taunt Pranksters, such as Whimsicott or Mega- Banette, Froslass can perform unhindered by disruption. Captivate takes advantage of it's Gender to harshly lower the SpAtk of Male Pokemon. Given her frail nature, this can increase her survivability so that she can use Pain Split to average her Hp with her aggressor. Alternatively, taking a big hit may activate your Focus Sash. Although Ice is considered a weak typing Defensively, on the attack it can cripple your opponents. Frost Breath has reliable accuracy and hits for critical damage, boosting this attack from 60 to 120 to 180, considering STAB. Thats some cold breath. If all else fails, Froslass can utilize Destiny Bond to take her opponent with her. Cursed Body has a 30% chance to disable one of your opponent's moves. This can help to gauge when to use Destiny Bond.

answered Jan 25 by RockHarvey