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If I gave a Power Herb to a Poke'mon with a move like Frenzy Plant, will the Poke'mon not have to recharge?

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Example: Venosaur(holding a Power Herb) used Frenzy Plant! It's super effective! Venosaur must recharge! Will the Power Herb make it not have to recharge?

asked Sep 10, 2012 by Poke'slash

2 Answers

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No. Its pupose is to not wait for 2 turn moves that cause you to wait on the first turn.

And by the way, I tried it, the Power Herb will not do anything to a second turn move. It only works with moves such as Solarbeam.

answered Sep 10, 2012 by Lusty
edited Sep 12, 2012 by Pokemaster
Oh. Ok, thanks.
Will White Herb work?
No it wont
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No, you have to recharge and its a bit over powered not to recharge anyway >>> Venusaur

answered Sep 10, 2012 by Operation Awesome
every time there is a pokemon name included I put a sprite I like doing it.
Overpowered? Frenzy Plant is a horrible move, solely for the fact that it recharges.