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In Pokemon Platinum, why don't the Eeveeloutions learn any strong attacking moves before level 71?

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I know I have asked a question like this before, but playing in-game, having them learn moves (Psychic, Fire Blast etc) at quite late levels is rather ridiculous!
I know Espeon has Psybeam, but it's power isn't that good to be honest

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To tell the truth theres no other reason then what game freak wanted. I mean he left you the TMs for those strongs moves so you can always just teach to them that way. He might have made it that way so that the in-game wouldnt be too easy. I mean if espeon learned Psychic at like level 31 you could pretty much beat anything if all your Pokemon in your team had powerful moves at such low levels. Another thing he might be doing is trying to make it make since. Maybe hes trying to say that your Pokemon cant handle those powerful moves until they themselves are powerful. In short, its hows the game is designed.

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Yes, but the Elite Four are around levels 50-60, including Cynthia, and they don't learn good moves 'till level 71. Leafeon doesn't gain any good STAB physical moves via TM, neither does Flareon. Jolteon does have Thunderbolt, and Espeon only has Psychic. Oh and I don't think really that 31 is a low level. I would expect Flareon to learn Fire Fang at level 31 due to it's low power.
make it make since. what?
Oh and who is he?
But the point im trying to get across is the in-game would be too easy if the learn all those good moves, he wants you to strive. Its just how game freak designed their learnsets.
It would be easy if Espeon learned Psychic at level 30. The Gym Leader levels in Platinum go from quite low, to quite high. For example: Maylene's Lucario is level 32. Wake's Floatzel is 37. I don't think it would be unfair if Leafeon learned a move she could use against Floatzel at say, level 35.
Game freak might though and thats why he did it.
I don't understand your point.
My point is thats how they designed the game so thats why they learn them at high levels
They designed the game, so they get their moves at high levels?
They=Game Freak and his Crew