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What are good Gen 3 moves for an Umbreon?

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Payback wasn't introduced until gen 4, and the only stat raising move it can learn is curse which ups its attack and defense while lowering speed, and every Dark type move in gen 3 is a special type attack!!!

asked Sep 25, 2012 by Robbie0106
edited Aug 27, 2014 by Sir Terlor

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You're right, Umbreon wasn't that good in Gen 3. It basically ran Baton Pass sets.

Umbreon (M) @ Leftovers

Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 252 HP / 32 Def / 224 SDef
Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)

  • Mean Look
  • Baton Pass
  • Taunt
  • Wish / Moonlight

For more sets, visit Smogon.

answered Sep 25, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Aug 27, 2014 by Robbie0106
Perhaps replace Taunt with Bite in case Umbreon is forced into attacking?